The Committee on Children’s Rights of the United Nations proposed in 2008 to the State of Chile to “improve coordination between the agents that work in the areas covered by the Optional Protocol and between all activities related to its application”. Also, it recommended to “carry out a systematic evaluation of these plans and programs with the participation of agents belonging especially civil society and children victims.

These recommendations have been taken up by the Chilean State, becoming a central reference for the elaboration of its new Framework for Action against Commercial Sexual Exploitations of Children and Adolescents 2012-2014.

Under the Inter-American Program for the Prevention and Eradication of Commercial Sexual Exploitation, Smuggling and Illegal Traffic of Children and Adolescents, the IIN provided technical assistance to the State of Chile for the development and implementation of the mentioned framework.

On 24 and 25 July were held in Santiago de Chile work’s meetings between the technical team of the IIN, the National Service for Children (SENAME in Spanish) and the Ministry of Justice, in which technical aspects, strengths and requirements for implementing the framework were exchanged.

On the other hand, within the component of human resource training, on July 26 took place the face to face training on CSEC, complying with the second phase of the course that is implemented jointly by the IIN and SENAME.

In this instance, the IIN exposed about the work being done in this area and shared the elaborations on Prevention of CSEC and Programs for the restitution of the victims’ rights.

These activities were supported by the Cooperation of the Republic of China.