In the last session of the General Assembly of the OAS, held in June in Antigua Guatemala, was approved unanimously by the present delegations the Resolution AG/RES. 2771 (XLIII-O/13) which reaffirms the importance of work for the eradication of Sexual Exploitation, Smuggling of and Trafficking in Children and Adolescents in the region.

The resolution recognizes the effort and the quality of the work being done by the IIN jointly with National Commissions; the Humane Recourses training; and the importance of annual reports made to the General Secretary, which address specific topics each year depending on the priorities identified in the relationship with the authorities of the Inter-American System States. It also values the opportunities for exchange of “Best Practices” and invites the IIN to continue with them.

Finally, it calls upon Member States to cooperate with the IIN in attaining recourses to continue and intensify these actions.

For more information about the 43th General Assembly of the OAS, see: www.oas.org/en/43ga