In December 2014 took place in Brasilia, Brazil, the Twenty-first Pan-American Child Congress on Children and Adolescents (an organ of the Inter-American Children’s Institute, which meets every five years).

High state authorities on childhood, technical consultants, international organizations and of the civil society, as well as adolescents between twelve and seventeen years old (who participated in the Second Pan-American Forum on Children and Adolescents, held on simultaneously), were met with the purpose of promoting experience and knowledge sharing, in this opportunity, about violence against children.

Under the title: “Childhood: Building Environments of Peace”, the Congress was organized on three core issues:

1) Violence against children. “Twenty-five years after the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child: building peaceful environments”.

2) Juveniles in conflict with the law and criminal liability systems.

3) The sexual exploitation of children in the Americas.

It is available to all, the Background Document related to the Thematic Focus Nº 3.