The 13th Report to the Secretary General of the OAS refers to commercial sexual exploitation of children in the context of travels and tourism (CSEC-TT), a issue that has generated concern in the international community because of the increasing emergence of places and communities frequented by travelers who engage in remunerated sexual relations with local children or adolescents.

This is a study aimed at analyzing some experiences that have been developed in the region to prevent and eradicate this form of sexual exploitation, in order to draw knowledge for strengthening the capacities of the States and society organizations.

This study is organized in four parts. In the first part, the theoretical framework underpinning our handling of the subject of CSEC-TT is described. In the second part, a brief reference is made to the position of the issue on the agenda of the international community. The third part contains an analysis of the practices identified in the States included in the study: Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Peru. Finally, a number of conclusions are drawn and recommendations are made.